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This page will be regularly updated as the situation with COVID-19 changes.

Last updated Wednesday 23rd February.


Following the MWAV OHS meeting held on 22 Feb, the following will apply at Man With A Van



Triple is the new double...

That's right, roll up you sleeves, third time lucky.

In the interests of protecting ourselves, our customers and our community, ALL staff will be required to be triple vaccinated. As you know we've had cases of COVID at MWAV and we need to continue to be vigilant about stopping the spread.

To work at Man With A Van you need to have an up-to-date COVID vaccine status. If you have not had a booster (third shot) within 6 months of receiving your first you are overdue, according to ATAGI. If you're overdue you will not be rostered for shifts until you're up-to-date.

See Matthew Windsor if you have any questions or concerns about this, or you can submit them anonymously here.


From Saturday 26 February, the following settings will apply at Man With A Van.


The Man Cave Is Open!

BBQ & breakfasts are back

Sign on and box system remain

Kitchen, gym and shared spaces open


Masks (Mostly) Optional

You’re required to carry your mask at all times. On arrival, you should check with your customer if they would prefer you wore masks during the (non-strenuous part of the) job. Remember, there are many vulnerable people in our community who need to rely on mask-wearing as a layer of protection against infection.

Socially Distanced Moves

What’s the process for moving? Read on..

Customers need to:

  • Socially distance. During the walk-through with movers upon arrival to the pick-up address, and another walk-through at the end of the move, customers agree to remain 1.5 metres from staff members at all times.
  • Allow movers to wash their hands. Frequent hand-washing helps reduce the risk of transmission - it's for everyone's benefit.

Movers need to:

  • Call the customer around 15 minutes prior to arrival to discuss the move, making sure customers are aware that they need to appropriately socially distance at all times during the move
  • Wash hands with soap or sanitise as regularly as possible on the job
  • EFTPOS terminals and phones may be used by customer to take payment and confirm details at the end of the move. 

Office staff need to:

  • Ensure that customers are aware of what is required of them at the time of booking.
  • Confirm that all adults on site are vaccinated otherwise contactless rules apply. 
  • Check site-specific covid protocols with all aged care facilities we’re asked to move in our out of. 



I'm feeling sick, or have symptoms. What should I do?

Do not attend work. You should remain at home, self-isolate and arrange for a test (RAT or PCR). Notify the manager on duty in the office (94173443) as soon as you have your result. Please take a photo or screenshot of your result, and send it through to for confirmation.

If you're at work and begin to experience symptoms, contact the manager on duty as soon as possible. We will arrange to transport you home, where you should self-isolate and arrange for a test, as described above.


What if my workmate isn't taking the safety procedures seriously?

If you feel that your workmate isn't taking the required precautions, please speak to managers Matt Windsor or Jack Tandy in the office, or the Health and Safety Rep. It's a serious situation, and all staff need to have that at front-of-mind while working. You can also let us know anonymously here.


How do I report a safety issue (whether COVID-related or otherwise)?

All safety issues should be logged at (for personal injury or near misses), or at (vehicle and property damage and vehicle safety issue reporting). If you have a positive test result, please notify a manager as soon as possible via phone, but also log a report at when you are able.

What financial support is available?



We're currently very busy, due to a backlog of moves which were unable to be completed during the extended lockdown period. We have plenty of shifts available. If you’d like to pick up more shifts, or talk about your roster/availability, please email or speak to a manager on 94173443.




“Hi, it’s [me + other mover] from Man With A Van. We’re going to arrive in about 15 minutes. I was just calling to confirm that you’re aware that today’s move will be socially distanced, due to COVID-19. Our office should have sent you an email describing our protocols in detail.”

Any risks?

  • “Is there anyone sick or self-isolating at the properties, or who could be in a high-risk COVID group?”

Thanks, see you soon

“Ok, thanks for the chat.

If you’ve got any further questions, let me know and I can get a manager to give you a call to discuss it with you. See you soon.”





If you have any further questions about MWAV’s COVID-19 response, whether regarding safety, employment, or anything else, please email to or call the office on 9417 3443. You can also submit anonymously at

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