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Taking part in a Greenfleet revegetation project to help offset our fleet's carbon emissions.
Taking part in a Greenfleet revegetation project to help offset our fleet's carbon emissions.

Scruffy Activist

When Tim Bishop founded Man With A Van back in 2001, he had recently returned from protesting uranium mines in central Australia, and was studying renewable energy at Swinburne TAFE in Hawthorn. It's not surprising that since then, Man With A Van has remained focused on minimising its carbon footprint, and playing its part in promoting sustainable lifestyles.


Since 2006 we've been carbon offsetting our entire fleet of vans and trucks by planting native trees with Greenfleet (in that time they've planted more than 4000 trees on behalf of The Man). Check out the Greenfleet team's before-and-after description and images of Whitehurst, Victoria, for an example of the revegetation projects they complete. Man With A Van employees attend planting days to get a better idea of Greenfleet's work, and to get their hands dirty for a greener future.

Paper Free

We've virtually eradicated paper use in our office, and on the road, with a custom-made entirely digital mobile scheduling system. We reckon we should be able to move houses without killing trees.

Tips for Greener Living

We believe that our employees and customers are keen to minimise their environmental impacts, so we've put together a number of nifty guides to greener living for Melburnians:

- Making Your House Move More Eco-Friendly

- Where To Donate Furniture In Melbourne

- Tips For A Greener New Home

Two men standing in front of a tree with arms around each other's shoulders.
Greenfleet CEO Wayne Wescott (left) with MWAV founder Tim Bishop.

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